Brewing History


During the heat of World War 1, four American soldiers found themselves in a small village pub. Their main connection being in the same army company. As casual introductions are made, Leonard Anderson stresses his dislike of being called “Leo”, the pet name given by his mother as a child. And, as it always happens when alcohol is involved, the rest of the group; Chet (Leonard’s brother), Clancey and Roscoe, begin to tease “Leo” about his name.  The fires of aggravation, being fueled by ale, sets off a huge bar brawl. First among the four servicemen, then quickly including everyone else – including the bar maids!

As it goes with drunken brawls, the fighting quickly dissolved and the drinking even more quickly resumed. The four acquaintances became fast friends, and vowed to keep in touch once the war was over. Miraculously, all four survived. Being that at the time they were all single, they ultimately decided to settle into Roscoe’s home town of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The four went in to business together, opening a mill/general store/post office.

The four original founder of Lemons Mill Brewery

As years passed, times changed. Prohibition swept over the US. One sultry summer evening, the men sat on Clancey’s front porch, reminiscing about the war and longing for tall, cold beer. But, since prohibition was in full swing, that quickly became a moot point. It also became the inspiration for the four friends’ greatest investment…their own secret brewery, where they could create the beer that they wanted. “To Hell With The Government!” became the traditional toast of the brewers and the select few friends that were invited to indulge in the secret brew.

Fast forward several decades. LeMayne Ellis, Steve Anderson, Keith McQuerry and Jay Anderson, all of Harrodsburg, are cleaning out the attic of LeMayne’s childhood home. Under mounds of old newspapers they discover an old envelope. Inside that envelope they discover a faded picture of four men and several pages of what appear to be recipes. Upon further inspection, they realize not only are they the direct kin of the original creators, but that they also now possess the secret recipes.

With a lot of experimentation and trial and error, Lemons Mill Brewery and OCD2 brand was born. The coupling of traditional brewing and modern flavor infusions has come to create some of the most amazing beer that will pass your lips.

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We are proud to be members of the Kentucky BrewGrass Trail.  Visit the Brewgrass Trail website or click here to let Daniel Boone explain it to you!

Food Trucks, Events, and More


Event Location Date

Woodland Arts Festival

Woodland Park

Lexington KY, 40502

Saturday-Sunday, August 19-20

Stave Fest

Lawrenceburg KY, 40342

Friday-Saturday, September 8-9


Morley’s Backyard

Danville KY, 40422

Saturday-Sunday, September 23-24

Centre College – Family Weekend

Walnut St.

Danville KY, 40422

Saturday, September 23

Centre College – Homecoming

Walnut St.

Danville KY, 40422

Saturday, October 14

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The 5th Annual Lemons Mill Brewery Brew-Off will be held on Friday, November 17, 2023


Every year, Lemons Mill Brewery hosts our annual Homebrew Competition. Avid home brewers can enter as many beers as they want, and the winning beer will be featured in our taproom. All proceeds will go toward a charity of the winner's choice.


General Information


  • $10.00 entry fee per beer for the first three beers ($5 entry fee for any additional beers)
    • Payments are accepted in the form of cash or check
    • There is a 100% payback to first and second-place winners
      • 1st place winners receive 60% of total entry fees
      • 2nd place gets 20% of total entry fees
      • 3rd place gets 10% of total entry fees
    • 1st place winners also gets the following:
      • The winning brewer will make a 1/6 bbl and once it is ready, we will place it on one of our taps.
        • Proceeds will go to a charity decided by the winning brewer.
      • Their name on a perpetual trophy, on display in the taproom.
      • Additional prize money - to be announced later.


NOTE: There will be no tasting, by the public, of the different home brews due to ABC rules and regulations.


Brewers will need to provide the following:


  • A 4-pack of bottled beer (provide in new clean bottles) per entry for judging will be needed - or can use flip-top bottles.
  • A brief description of your beer
    • This includes yeast, hops, and any special ingredients you may have used.


Submissions will be allowed on the following days:


  • Sunday, November 12 - 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, November 14 - 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 16 - 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.


If different times are needed, please contact us at (859) 265-0872

NOTE: No beers will be accepted after 8:00 p.m., Thursday, November 16.


Judging will take place on Friday afternoon, November 17, with the winner being announced at 7:00 p.m that night.


Judging is based on a 1-5 point system and will include:


  • Color
  • Aroma
  • Carbonation
  • Taste
  • Finish


For more information, call (859) 265-0872.

Food Trucks


Date Food Truck
October 1, 2023 Bus In It Out
October 5, 2023 Bluegrass Foods
October 7, 2023 Curry Kitchen
October 8, 2023 Wake & Bake
October 12, 2023 305 Cubano
October 14, 2023 Cardiras Food Truck
October 15, 2023 Wake & Bake
October 19, 2023 Biscuit BBQ
October 21, 2023 Bama BBQ
October 22, 2023 Bama BBQ
October 26, 2023 Bluegrass Foods
October 28, 2023 Curry Kitchen
October 29, 2023 Bus In It Out

Live Music


Date Entertainer
October 5, 2023 D. Boone Pittman
October 12, 2023 John Moore
October 19, 2023 Lisa Allen Foster & Monty
October 26, 2023 Carey Band


Trivia - Every Sunday at 5:00 p.m.


*NEW - Beer Bingo - Starting Friday, February 17 - 7:00 p.m.


  • $5 per bingo card
    • Buy three or more bingo cards, and receive a pint of beer of your choice


Taste of the Bluegrass 2023 Winners!